Larnaca | Three men attacked police officers at the General Hospital
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Published on 07/01/2021 at 12:02

Three men attacked police officers on duty at the Larnaca General Hospital; however they escaped arrest and are now wanted.

According to the Police, today, 40 minutes after midnight, three men took an injured person to Larnaca General Hospital.

However, all three people, from Greece, started quarrelling with the nurses at the Hospital.

Members of the Police who work permanently at the Hospital for security reasons, intervened to stop them, while reinforcements were called. As a result, two other police officers went to the spot.

A 34-year-old man, who was allegedly drunk, attacked a police officer, resulting in his arrest, while the other two 27-year-old men attacked the two members of the Police.

The three people were eventually arrested by the police, however, they resisted and managed to escape, as a result of which they are wanted by the Police for a case that concerns, among other things, intoxication, starting a fight and attacking police officers.

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Source: CNA





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