Lambda Automata | The startup that manufactures surveillance towers “raises” 6 million euros
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Published on 20/10/2023 at 08:00

Lambda Automata raised €6 million in a funding round led by UK-based Air Street Capital, which mainly invests in artificial intelligence companies.

201 Ventures (Spain), HCVC (France), Entropy Industrial Capital, and Marathon Venture Capital also participated in the round. As Dimitris Kottas, one of the company’s founders, told, the company’s goal is to use the new funds to create new products, open a new office in London, and recruit in Athens.

Lambda Automata is a Greek startup that creates artificial intelligence systems for the surveillance of remote areas or critical infrastructure. Its applications range from fire detection and forest protection to border surveillance.

Lambda Automata was founded by Dimitris Kottas in late 2021. Subsequently, the founding team was completed by Giorgos Kontogiannis and Giannis Souriadiakis. The original team all worked overseas before starting the company in the US and UK as software engineers at major technology and security companies.

As Mr. Kottas recently stated, Lambda Automata’s first product is the autonomous surveillance towers that the company manufactures and produces in Peania. These are unmanned, autonomous observatories that detect, locate, and archive autonomous potential threats (smoke, boats, vehicles, people).

The system is based on artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics algorithms, which operate fully rotating thermal or electro-optical cameras in the field. This allows large fleets of observatories to be operated with minimal manpower requirements.

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The system has self-contained redundant communications (satellite and cellular), requires no establishment, and carries its own power supply. Finally, it uses commercial materials to a large extent to achieve economies of scale and to be secure against supply chain crises.

This, according to Mr. Kottas, allows the company to cover the surveillance of very large areas, forests, or coasts with relatively low costs, compared to existing commercial solutions, in human resources or investments in other infrastructures.

Lambda Automata has already installed some systems in hard-to-reach places in the Region of Epirus, which are used by Civil Protection volunteers for forest surveillance, while there is already interest in expanding the system to other places and services.

The system scans an area continuously, looking for potential threats. If it detects smoke, it sends an electronic notification, with the description and coordinates of the incident, to the corresponding service. At the same time, it archives the various incidents of interest detected in a way that is easy for spatial or temporal searching in the future, if needed.

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