Israel | Turkish warship docks at Haifa port after 12 years
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Published on 05/09/2022 at 09:00

Turkish warship F-247 TCG Kemal Reis, together with the US Navy’s USS Forrest Sherman, docked at Haifa port, becoming the first Turkish warship to dock at an Israeli port after 12 years. 

TCG Kemal Reis is in the area as part of a NATO exercise.

Speaking to Israel-based i24 TV, Israeli officials said Israel cooperates with and supports NATO and that the Turkish warship will remain at the port for a few days. 

While Israeli media pointed out that the TCG Kemal Reis is the first ship to dock at Israeli ports since 2010, Israeli officials noted that the Turkish sailors do not have passports, so they will not disembark the ship. Besides, they do not wish to go ashore. 

The same official also pointed out that US sailors are visa-exempt and that they can enter Israel without a passport.

On the other hand, Israeli media pointed out that Turkey and Israel decided to restore their diplomatic relations last month and stressed that the Israeli government does not plan to restore military cooperation with Ankara at this time. 

Therefore, there is no plan to visit, meet or exercise between the Kemalreis crew and the Israeli Navy. The ship is expected to leave the area on Tuesday.

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