Huge fire in Arakapas causes community evacuation – VIDEO
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Published on 03/07/2021 at 15:42
The huge fire that broke out in the community of Arakapas continues to rage. The fire is raging, extending in different directions, while houses have been evacuated. Reports also speak of houses burning. Strong winds of 5 to 6 Beaufort are also blowing in the area.

“The fire destroyed houses in the community of Arakapas. The Ministry of Defence is trying to extinguish it. The people who were staying in the houses are being transported by the Police and Civil Defence to a community center in Eptagonia. The community of Melini is being evacuated at the moment,” the Spokesperson and Public Relations Officer of the Cyprus Fire Service Andreas Kettis posted on Twitter.

Earlier, he wrote that the Fire Service and the Forest Department have joined both their ground and air forces to extinguish the fire in the community of Arakapas. The Fire Service took over the protection of the community of Arakapas and the Department of Forests took over the forest area of the region.

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