Hellenic Police | Police fast driving training at OAKA – Photos & VIDEO
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Published on 16/09/2022 at 15:05

On Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 September 2022 the training of the police officers of the Attica Emergency Response Division of the Hellenic Police in fast and safe car and motorcycle driving took place on the super special route of this year’s Rally Acropolis at O.A.K.A.

The first day, when the training of car drivers took place, was attended by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Eleftherios Oikonomou, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, and the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Skoumas.

On the second day, school students had the opportunity to attend road safety courses offered by instructors of the Hellenic Police. The event was also attended by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mrs. Niki Kerameos, the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Eleftherios Oikonomou, and the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Skoumas.

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According to an announcement by the Hellenic Police, the training program consisted of a theoretical and practical part, namely:

Car training:

  • Theoretical training on proper driving behavior and attitude;
  • Basic knowledge of engineering, control, and car maintenance;
  • Driving position, active and passive safety knowledge;
  • Vehicle oversteer and understeer, necessary driver actions when cornering, fast and safe driving techniques;
  • Driving with rapid response exercises;
  • Cornering and fast driving techniques; and
  • Training review and certificate award.

Motorcycle training:

  • Theoretical training on traffic law, responsibility, risks, physical fitness, rider protective equipment (special uniform, helmet, gloves, footwear), accident prevention and avoidance;
  • Basic knowledge of engineering, motorcycle control and maintenance, and knowledge of motorcycle systems;
  • Driving position – gyroscopic effect;
  • Safe and fast driving techniques, cornering;
  • Driving on a specially-designed asphalt training area, maneuverability exercises with a second rider;
  • Familiarization with the track and knowledge of the special movement points (lines);
  • Cornering and motorcycle techniques; and
  • Seminar review and certificate award.

A total of 24 police officers with 4 service cars and 10 motorcycles participated in the training offered by instructors of the Driver Education and Retraining Department of the Hellenic Police Headquarters. 

At the same time, the Police Sergeant of the Corps’ Physical Education & Sports Service, who is a Rally driver with European distinctions, also contributed to the training.

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