Hellenic Police | Dismantling international criminal organization smuggling immigrants
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Published on 26/02/2023 at 09:45

Police officers from the Directorate of Aliens in Thessaloniki succeeded in dismantling an international criminal organization that smuggled immigrants into the country.

In a police operation, two foreigners, 25 and 29, were arrested, with the first allegedly being the “brain” of the organization and the second being his direct assistant, while three vehicles used for illegal transport were also seized.

As it emerged from the investigation, the members of the said organization smuggled immigrants into the country by providing them with temporary accommodation, either on the Greek-Turkish border or in Thessaloniki.

To transport the immigrants, they used vehicles that were stolen or registered from abroad, on which the license plates were changed, while their drivers allegedly used physical violence against the immigrants and transported them under particularly inhumane conditions in the luggage compartments of the vehicles.

It was found that the members of the organization had carried out at least ten cases of immigrant trafficking, from Turkey to Greece, during which a total of 10 drivers – traffickers were arrested, while the transport of 73 illegal immigrants was found. Also, ten vehicles were seized, four of which were stolen and returned to their rightful owners.

It is noted that for each transfer of a foreigner, the organization earned between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, with their total profit exceeding 200,000 euros.

Those arrested were brought before the competent judicial authorities.

Source: Euronews

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