Hellenic Coast Guard | Four Turks remanded in custody for illegal immigrant trafficking
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Published on 15/01/2023 at 13:08

Four Turkish nationals and one Palestinian, alleged members of an organized network of illegal transportation of foreigners from Turkey to Kos, have been remanded in custody.

The four foreigners were arrested for transporting 43 immigrants to the coast of Kos on two speedboats, which were stopped by the port authorities after a chase.

According to the Hellenic Coast Guard, the network had high-horsepower high-speed boats so as to quickly and safely transport foreigners who each paid the amount of 3,500 euros for their transportation.

The Palestinian, arrested on the island of Kos, was allegedly responsible for receiving and transporting the foreigners to safe houses after they disembarked.

The five arrested were brought before the prosecutor of the court of Kos on 08.01.2023 and were prosecuted for participation in a criminal organization aiming at the illegal entry and exit of foreigners from the country. Following their defence, they were remanded in custody.

The Maritime Border Security and Protection Directorate, in collaboration with the Port Authority of Kos, analyzes and processes all emerging evidence in depth and investigates the possible participation of the members of the said criminal organization in other cases.

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