Greece sends Patriot and Air Force personnel in Saudi Arabia
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Published on 01/12/2020 at 15:31

The recent Greece – United Arab Emirates agreement and the conclusion of a clause on mutual defence assistance in the event that Athens’ and Abu Dhabi’s sovereignty and territorial independence are threatened was a development that Turkey obviously disliked. 

Continuing to build relationships based on common interests, the Greek government is concluding negotiations with Riyadh for the transfer of Greek Patriot anti-aircraft guns to Saudi Arabia.

According to a report on the page, the details of the agreement for the transfer, installation and operational function of a Patriot anti-aircraft system – owned by the Hellenic Air Force – in Saudi Arabia, are being finalized in the next period until Christmas. Saudi Arabia will bear the cost of transporting and operating the air defence system and will commit to funding the cost so that the Greek Patriots can be upgraded to the Pac3 version.

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In addition to the mobile anti-aircraft system, the agreement between Greece and Saudi Arabia will include the necessary Air Force personnel who will be relocated to Saudi Arabia and will be in charge of the operation of the Greek Patriots. 

In particular, these are at least 40 officers and non-commissioned officers, depending on the launch stations that will be agreed to be transferred to Saudi Arabia. With the transfer of the Greek Patriots, Athens aspires to further forge bilateral relations with Riyadh, as it does methodically with Abu Dhabi. 

The Patriot system

The Patriot is a mobile long-range anti-aircraft system with a search radar range of 170 km and a maximum range of 150 km.

The anti-aircraft system consists of the Coordination and Information Center, the Radar, the Engagement Control Station and the Launch Stations.

The Fire Unit controls up to 16 launchers, which can be positioned and operated at distances up to 30 km from the engagement station, to achieve maximum area coverage.


The Patriots have the ability to engage nine targets simultaneously. Each Information Coordination Center controls and coordinates up to six jam checkpoints.

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