GEEF | Exercise “KERAUNOS 2023” (Shots of Artillery Units) – Photos
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Published on 13/02/2023 at 11:23

From February 7-9, 2023, the tactical exercise “KERAUNOS-2023” was held with the participation of Units of the Artillery Command and Special Units from other National Guard Commands. The said exercise took place at the Kiti Shooting Range.

According to a statement from the National Guard General Staff (GEEF), the aim of the exercise, which was conducted on the basis of a realistic scenario, was the coordination of Artillery support fire, the training of personnel in the observation and transmission of fire missions, the execution of fire for effect and the cooperation with other arms and branches of the National Guard.

In particular, the personnel was trained in the standardization and automation of actions to deal with any emerging situation, in the procedures followed for quick decision-making at all command levels, in cross-branch targeting, utilizing all the modern observation means of the National Guard, as well as in the execution of shots using all available weapons.

The exercise was partly attended by the Chief, Lieutenant General Dimokritos Zervakis, who congratulated the National Guard Gunners and all the Commands involved, on the excellent organization and execution of the exercise as well as on the successful shots and the high level of training and their professionalism.

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