France | Shipyard sabotage with over 60 cables cut on frigate under construction
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Published on 25/05/2023 at 18:30

An alarm sounded at the manufacturing company Naval Group, where Greek frigates are also manufactured. According to the French Le Télégramme, there are complaints of sabotage on France’s frigate Admiral Ronarc’h under construction.

According to information sources cited by the French media, a few weeks ago several cables were deliberately cut on the new French frigate Admiral Ronarc’h, which has been in a shipyard-repair tank since mid-January and is, in fact, expected to be delivered to the French Navy in 2024.

Representatives of the Naval Group told Le Télégramme that a complaint was immediately filed after the discovery of sabotage on one of the ships and an investigation is underway, while they have also strengthened security and protection measures in their workplaces.

According to the French media, the case was taken over by the military court prosecution of Rennes, which, announced on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, that it has indeed launched an investigation into the damage of property that can harm the fundamental interests of the Nation, a crime set forth in and rendered punishable by article 411.9 of the Criminal Code.

At this point, it is reasonable to ask several questions: is this an isolated act of a disgruntled employee or a sabotage operation for the benefit of foreign interests?

Le Telegramme emphasizes that for this specific criminal assault, fifteen years’ detention and a fine of 225,000 euros are imposed in the first case above.

However, as for the second case, that is, when the action is carried out with the aim of serving the interests of a foreign power, a foreign company or organization, or under foreign control, the same criminal act is punishable by twenty years’ imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros, pursuant to the law.

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It is recalled that a similar incident took place a few days ago. In particular, one of the new frigates of the British Royal Navy under construction, Type 26 HMS Glasgow, was deliberately sabotaged, as reported by the British media.

Some cables on HMS Glasgow were deliberately damaged, manufacturer BAE Systems said.

According to the UK Defence Journal, a group of disgruntled contractors disrupted the construction process of the Type 26 class frigate by cutting more than 60 cables.

The motive behind the sabotage is reportedly an issue related to payment disputes. In total around 23,000 cables will be installed on the frigate HMS Glasgow.

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