For the second time in two days, Israeli strikes the Gaza Strip
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Published on 17/04/2021 at 08:59

The Israeli army announced early this morning that it had launched airstrikes against “targets”, positions and facilities of “terrorist” organizations in the Gaza Strip, in retaliation to Palestinians’ second rocket launch against southern Israel in two days.

The Israeli Air Force hit “training camps, an anti-aircraft missile launch site, a concrete plant and the infrastructure of the terrorists’ underground tunnel,” the staff said. The rocket, launched a few hours earlier against southern Israel, landed “on Israeli soil but in an uninhabited area,” according to the same source. It did not cause any injuries or damage. No responsibility has been claimed so far.

The Gaza Strip, home to more than two million Palestinians, has been ruled by the Islamist movement Hamas since 2007. It has since suffered a stifling Israeli blockade, backed by Egypt. The blockade was the prelude to the three wars in which Israel and Hamas have since been involved (2008, 2012, 2014). Rocket-propelled grenades and arson balloons from the Gaza Strip and Israeli retaliatory strikes against Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the second-strongest Islamist group in the enclave, are still recorded


This year marks the tenth anniversary of the development of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system, which has intercepted hundreds of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip and Syria. The poverty rate in the Gaza Strip exceeds 50%. Living conditions in the pocket have further deteriorated due to the restrictive measures imposed against the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.

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Source: CNA 





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