Fire-extinguishing rocket system to fight skyscraper fires

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Published on 17/10/2020 at 16:50

China uses a fire-extinguishing rocket system to fight skyscraper fires!

The system, which looks like a multiple rocket launcher (MLRS), can fire rockets up to 300 meters, which corresponds to about 80 floors. The rockets can go through glass up to 19mm thick and release fire-extinguishing powder to put out the fire. Each rocket can quickly extinguish a fire in a room measuring 60 cubic meters. 

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The system uses infrared sensors and lasers to detect the fire and then the ballistic computer calculates the tragectory of the “missiles”. Each rocket releases 3.6 Kg of fire-extinguishing powder. 

Each launch vehicle can carry 24 firefighting missiles and launch them in 72 seconds with the ability to quickly reload. The system was developed by China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp., China’s largest rocket manufacturer. 

The system is also equipped with a night vision system and has the ability to videotape operations. 

Qiu Xuyang, the system’s chief designer, said the system has a high level of accuracy and security.

“If the rocket accidentally deviates from the predetermined course, the control system will guide it to fall to the ground,” he said.

“It is difficult for firefighters anywhere to handle a fire 60 meters above the ground because there are few types of equipment capable of carrying fire-extinguishing agents, mainly water, at this height,” Qiu said.

Watch the system in action in the video below: 

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