Exercise “NEMESIS 2020” | Frigates, helicopters, paratroopers and Underwater Demolition Team in Cyprus EEZ – VIDEO

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Published on 14/10/2020 at 16:55

With the participation of vessels and aircraft from six countries, the multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2020” took place today, within plots 1 and 2 of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus (RC).

A press release from the Ministry of Defence states that “a total of 22 vessels and 10 aircraft from Cyprus, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy participated in the exercise, as well as six vessels of private companies. The multinational exercise “NEMESIS 2020″ was performed for the 7th consecutive year and is part of the proper preparation of all government services, which are involved in the implementation of the energy program of the Republic, in order to prepare for any emergency on a hydrocarbons mining platform.”

One frigate of the Hellenic Navy, one of the French Navy, one of the Italian Navy, 2 vessels of the British Navy, 3 warships of the Navy Command of the GSNG and 3 patrol boats of the Port and Naval Police participated in the exercise. Furthermore, the tanker “Alexandria” of the company PETRONAV, funded by EMSA, the hydrocarbon extraction platform “TUNGSTEN EXPLORER”, 1 vessel of the company VSS Vasiliko, 1 vessel of the company VTS Vasiliko and 2 vessels of the company EDT Offshore for marine firefighting also participated.

In addition, 3 helicopters of the Republic of Cyprus (1 from the Cyprus Police Aviation Unit and 2 from the 460th S&R of GSNG), 3 helicopters from the United Kingdom, 1 French helicopter and 3 Aircraft (1 Greek C-130, 1 American P- 8 and 1 of the Forest Department) participated too.

On the part of Special Operations Teams, “the Airborne Paratroopers Group of the 31st Special Operations Squandron, the 747th Special Engineer Battalion of the Hellenic Army, Submarine Destroyer Teams of the Underwater Demolition unit (OYK) of the Navy, Disaster Response Special Unit (EMAK) of the Fire Service, as well as specialized nurses of the Ambulance Service of the State Health Services Organization also participated.”

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