European Council on Turkey aims at the President’s statement
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Published on 16/10/2020 at 10:07

Following the review of EU-Africa relations (09:30 Brussels local time), the European Council is expected to begin examining developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the delegations of Cyprus and Greece raising the issues of the “opening” of the city of Varosia and the location of Oruc Reis south of Kastelorizo.

According to diplomatic sources, the aim is to include a paragraph in the conclusions or a strong statement by the President of the European Council on the subject. In one way or another, “the prospect of sanctions must be made more tangible,” a diplomat told the Brussels press regarding Greece’s goals at the summit.

The debate had been announced earlier today by European Council President Charles Michel, arriving for the second day at the European Council. Mr Michel outlined yesterday’s issues on which all 27 leaders have reached conclusions as well as the current agenda. After taking a stand on relations with Africa, he said that “we will have the opportunity to consider other foreign policy issues, and in particular, some delegations will raise the issue of the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean in the context of new developments in the region.”

Suggestions for the content of the paragraph or statement have been submitted and will be considered by the leaders. Most delegations want the October 1st commitment to be met with an evaluation period until December and decisions to be made then, while Chancellor Merkel’s mediation effort will continue.

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Source: CNA





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