Estonian Ministry of Defence | It will take Russia two years to rebuild pre-war military strength
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Published on 19/10/2022 at 14:25

Russia will likely need two to four years to rebuild the military strength of its Armed Forces as prior to the war in Ukraine, the Estonian Defence Minister stated on Tuesday, urging the West to keep up the pressure on Moscow.

During a visit to Washington, Hanno Pevkur presumed that the conflict will last and called on the West to stand by the Ukrainians until they achieve victory for the free world.

As Russia resorts to kamikaze UAVs, allegedly procured from Iran, Mr. Pevkur argued that the Russian arsenal has been reduced to the extent that the Russian military is using the S-300 air defence system as if it were artillery and that Russian shells explode before hitting their targets due to their age.

According to him, Western sanctions have particularly affected aircraft production and helicopter maintenance, depriving Moscow of key assets.

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In the press release released by the Ministry services after the meeting, Mr. Austin praised Estonia for its forward-looking support to Ukraine and also expressed his agreement with Minister Pevkur on the need to continue the great support in Kyiv in the future.

Mr. Pevkur warned reporters that Moscow retains the capability to launch attacks, even against NATO member-states such as Estonia.

However, he downplayed the possibility of using nuclear weapons, a threat that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, reiterated by announcing the annexation of four Ukrainian regions.

Russia is already instilling fear in Ukraine by launching attacks with conventional weapons, Mr. Pevkur explained, adding that he does not think there would be any added value for Moscow in the event of a nuclear strike. On the contrary, they would lose their tacit supporters like China and others in such a case, he opined.

With information from: APA MPA

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