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    Erdogan to meet Greek Prime Minister
    Defence Redefined
    Published on 15/01/2021 at 16:15

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan stated that he may meet the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, following the exploratory talks on January 25. This is an issue approached positively, the Turkish president added. 

    In a statement after Friday’s prayer, the Turkish president said that since 1963 they have been trying to steer Turkey’s relations with the EU in a positive direction. “Unfortunately, until today, the EU has never kept its promises. Now, a new process is underway,” he said. He said bilateral relations with the EU are continuing at a strong pace, recalling the talks he had about the Eastern Mediterranean and the developments with EU countries, as well as his talks with EU Council President Charles Michel, the EU Commission President and his meetings with the Chancellor of Germany and the UK Prime Minister.

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    Mr. Erdogan said that in all these meetings we have always had a positive approach on the issue of meeting with Greece, with Mr. Mitsotakis. In the meantime, there have been meetings between Foreign Ministers. And we said that these exploratory talks can begin. Now, following our special representatives, I can also have a meeting with the Prime Minister. We said we could take this step. Developments are moving in this direction.”

    He then referred to the Greek proposal for a vaccination certificate, saying that “it is an issue we will consider. At the moment there is nothing we can say about it. We will consider it with the Turkish Foreign Ministry and we will decide.”

    Asked if he had any side effects after his vaccination yesterday, he replied that he did not have any and that he feels very healthy. He also added that he will receive the second dose of the vaccine in 28 days, as prescribed. 

    Asked about US objections to the purchase of S-400s, the Turkish president said: “No country can determine the steps we will take in the defence industry. It depends solely on the decision we make. At the moment we have completed the first part of the S400 purchase from the Russian Federation. Now, the second part follows.” He added that they do not know what the position of the newly elected US President Joe Biden will be on this issue, but they will not get permission from anyone to take steps in their defence industry. “I hope that following our talks with Mr. Biden after he takes office, he will take more positive steps and we will get on the right track,” he said.

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