Erdogan – Tatar | Pilot opening of the enclosed city of Famagusta
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Published on 20/07/2021 at 10:51

As part of the talks on the “celebrations” of the Turkish invasion before the parade of the occupying forces, Ersin Tatar announced the new stage of the opening of the enclosed city of Famagusta under Turkish rule. 

Mr. Tatar announced that the military regime of a part of the city will be lifted, which will be decided in the future by the “Cabinet”. He mentioned a percentage of 3.5%, without specifying which part of the enclosed city will open. 

The modification of the status of this part of the city paves the way for the active involvement of the “Real Estate Committee” in this venture. Tayyip Erdogan welcomed the new decision of the Turkish leadership. 

Turkey’s new action alters the Famagusta regime and violates UN resolutions 550 & 789 on Famagusta. With Turkey’s new step, beneficiaries who apply to the “real estate committee” with a return request will be able to make a decision in this direction, said Ersin Tatar.

“We do not covet anyone’s lands or property, nor do they do so regarding the pseudo-state,” he continued.

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