Dynamic Mariner | “Lemnos” frigate in Turkey for a NATO exercise – Photos
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Published on 15/09/2022 at 14:08

The “Lemnos” frigate, which participated in the well-known “embolism” incident where it caused damage to the Turkish “Kemal Reis”, is currently in Turkey as part of the “Dynamic Mariner 22” NATO exercise. The major NATO naval exercise “Dynamic Mariner” is underway in Turkey. It kicked off on September 11 and is being conducted at the Aksaz naval base.

The exercise involves 12 NATO member-states with 50 surface units, 5 submarines, 5 air units and 1500 personnel. Greece also participates in the exercise, along with Turkey, the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. NATO has released photographs depicting the Lemnos frigate participating in the exercise.

In a post, NATO states that the Aksaz naval base welcomed Greek, American and Turkish allied vessels where they demonstrated cohesion and deterrent capabilities in the exercise. 

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