Department of Forestry | Announcement regarding the Publication of POLITIS newspaper “Lasticho”
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Published on 12/08/2022 at 12:30

The Department of Forestry issued an announcement in response to the publication of POLITIS newspaper entitled “Lasticho” to restore the truth regarding the helicopters’ specifications.

The announcement follows: 

“Regarding yesterday’s (9/8/2022) publication of POLITIS newspaper entitled “Lasticho” regarding the specifications of helicopters – “They needed flying means with a water tank and hired ones with a bucket” by Mr. Manolis Kalatzis; the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, in order to restore the truth but also aiming at the public’s and the newspaper’s readers’ correct information and conclusions, notes the following:

  1. a) All procedures have been followed at all stages, in accordance with the Law and Regulations on Public Contracts (announcement, evaluation and award) of the Tender for the rental of two (2) firefighting helicopters for 2022 and 2023 with the right of renewal for 2024 and 2025.
  2. b) The title of the article “They needed flying means with a water tank and hired ones with a bucket” is misleading, since the relevant specifications were with regard to a bucket with a capacity of at least 3500 liters of water.

The relevant passage from ANNEX II: TERMS OF REFERENCE – TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS, p. 13, par. 5.1

“A suspended Bucket with a capacity of at least 3500 liters of water or an internal water tank/hopper of the same capacity”– see Picture 1).

It is noted that the specifications of KAMOV-type helicopters were checked by the competent evaluation committee before they were received, confirming they are able to transport more than 4000 liters of water.

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  1. c) Regarding the offered price, which is extensively mentioned in the article, it is stated that recently the European Commission (Emergency Response Coordination Center – ERCC) informed the Forestry Department in writing that there is a specific company on the market which has Super-Puma-type firefighting helicopters available for hire, which can carry 2500 liters of water with a bucket. The prices offered are listed below for comparison purposes (see Figure 2):
  • Weekly standing fee €106,750.00
  • Hourly Rate €4,185.00

Based on the comparison, it can be concluded that the KAMOV helicopters recently leased by the Forestry Department not only transport more water (4000 instead of 2500 liters), but they are also 35% cheaper.

So it is demonstrated that at the given time period, i.e. today, these are the market prices. The price offered was the result of three Competitions and things could not have been different.”

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