Cyprus Police | Inoperable oxidized firearms found in cache – Photos
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Published on 24/02/2023 at 17:07

At around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, following a tip-off, members of the Police carried out an investigation in a building in Limassol which is used as a warehouse.

According to a relevant announcement, a large number of firearms, grenades, a grenade launcher, and a number of cartridges and detonators were found in a cache. The firearms, however, appear to be oxidized and inoperable.

Specifically, the members of the Police identified about 50 firearms and a revolver pistol, including Browning and Bren, and Sten machine guns, 25 offensive grenades, a bazooka launcher, 200 common detonators, a number of military cartridges of various calibers, and a number of magazines.

The firearms were collected by members of the Police for forensic analysis. The  Limassol CID is currently investigating the incident.

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