Cyprus Police | FRONTEX operation for the return of third country nationals with the participation of nine European countries
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Published on 16/03/2023 at 10:19

Twenty third-country nationals, who were illegally in Cyprus, left the day before yesterday for their country, as part of a coordinated, joint forced return operation organized by the FRONTEX organization.

A total of nine European countries participated in the operation, while for the first time, Cyprus was involved as the hub of the same.

Through the operation, in which Greece, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Spain, and Sweden participated along with Cyprus, a total of 67 third-country nationals were repatriated.

According to an announcement by the Cyprus Police, Cyprus was chosen for the first time to be the hub of the FRONTEX operation. The missions of the remaining countries arrived in Cyprus, where they boarded the main aircraft of the operation and departed for the final destination of the mission.

The mission was accompanied by 34 members of the Police as well as 13 officials of FRONTEX (FRONTEX Return Escort and Support Officers).

Furthermore, in a second repatriation operation, which was also carried out the day before yesterday, another eight citizens of the same third country, also illegally in Cyprus, returned to their country.

Since the beginning of the year, 1,680 third-country nationals have been repatriated, through voluntary and forced return procedures.

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