Cyprus Police | E-scooter checks – Instructions for their correct use – Photos
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Published on 16/11/2022 at 13:50

The Police announces an intensification of the checks it carries out for the correct use of e-scooters, based on the legislation that recently came into force and governs the use of such transport means.

The intensified checks will be carried out from Monday 14 November until Sunday 20 November 2022 across Cyprus.

The aim of the checks is to ensure the compliance of electric scooter operators with the provisions of the new legislation, but also the drivers’ awareness of road safety issues when using these transport means.

Alongside the traffic controls, the Police continues to raise the public’s awareness about the provisions of the new legislation regarding electric scooters and their proper use on the road.

Among the main provisions of the Legislation are the obligation of operators to wear a protective helmet at all times and fluorescent clothing at night. At the same time, it is determined that such means can only be driven on the road with a maximum speed limit of 30 km/hour, on a bicycle path, on a bicycle lane or on an extension of a bicycle path which bears special signage. 

Their use is prohibited on highways, fast lanes, squares or pedestrian streets (unless otherwise determined by the relevant municipality or community). According to the Legislation, only people over the age of 14 have the right to use e-scooters.

See below relevant diagrams in Greek and English published by the Cyprus Police for the correct use of e-scooters.

Source: Cyprus Police

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