Cyprus Fire Service | Applications for volunteer firefighter positions
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Published on 01/04/2023 at 17:00

The Fire Service announces that applications are being accepted to fill Volunteer Firefighter positions.

Candidates can submit their hardcopy applications only to the Central Fire Stations of each Province. The following certificates should accompany the application:

  1. Identity Card (copy)
  2. High School Apolytirion (copy)
  3. Certificate of Military Status “TYPE A” COMPLETE (Form N.G. 136A, only for Male candidates)

Applications will be accepted from Monday 03/04/2023 until Monday 24/04/2023. Any applications not submitted within the said deadline will be rejected.

More information regarding the required qualifications, duties and responsibilities entailed in the position, as well as other information, appears in the Official publication of the Republic Gazette, dated 31/03/2023, or at Fire Service e-address or at the Fire Service Recruitment and Studies Office, at 22802475 and 22802476.

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