Bulgaria | Controlled mine explosion in the Black Sea
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Published on 08/08/2022 at 12:30

A team of the Bulgarian Navy carried out a controlled explosion of a mine that was floating in Vasilikos, Pyrgos. The said explosion took place in the Black Sea.

The mine was spotted by a boy who was swimming in the area. “We went diving. We walked on the rocks and decided to go where the breakwater is. At that time, we saw something looking like a mine and decided to get out of the sea. We told the lifeguards and they called the police,” said the boy.

“It was green, round, and had holes about this big,” said a lifeguard. “We thought it was a small mine, but it turned out to be an anti-tank landmine,” said the other lifeguard.

The area was immediately blocked by the Police and the Army that came to guard it.

Teams of the Bulgarian Navy immediately arrived in the area and proceeded to a controlled explosion, according to Euronews.

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