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Published on 14/05/2021 at 12:49

Armenia does not intend to cede any part of its territory, the Ministry of Defence press office told Sputnik Armenia, commenting on the situation in Syunik province.

Specifically, on May 12, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces crossed the border and advanced three kilometers towards the village of Verishen, taking control of Lake Sevlich (Black Lake).

The Armenian side failed to fortify the entire border line, following the cessation of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenian Security Council Secretary Armen Grigorian commented that the Azerbaijani army had managed to advance considerably into the territory of Syunik province.

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As Grigorian explained, after the signing of the tripartite declaration on Karabakh on November 9, 2020, the situation at the border has changed significantly, new borders have appeared, but due to winter, the Armenian side could not equip all positions.

“The border line has changed and under these circumstances it was impossible to solve this problem immediately and completely. It will be eliminated over time,” the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia assured.

The ministry noted that the situation has not changed since last night. Yerevan strongly insists on the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from the territory of Syunik province.

“At the moment nothing has changed, we have told the Azerbaijani side that this is Armenian territory and we will not back down at all. The impression is that the Azeris are waiting for orders,” the Defence Ministry said.

According to the ministry, in the morning of May 12, the Azerbaijani armed forces, under the pretext of “clarifying the borders”, tried to carry out specific work in one of the border areas.

After the measures taken by the Armenian units, the Azerbaijani army stopped moving on Armenian territory. Negotiations are underway to resolve the situation and Russian peacekeepers are on the ground.

In addition, on May 13, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces attempted to move towards Sisian and Vardenis under the pretext of “clarifying the border.” On the same day, Armenia began consultations within the CSTO alliance on the situation in the Syunik region.

However, Armenian media reported that the Azerbaijani armed forces on Thursday advanced several hundred meters towards the Vardenis region in the Gegharkunik province of Armenia. 

Deputy Prime Minister Taigkran Avignon said: “In one way or another, we will achieve settlement of the situation, as the armed forces of Azerbaijan have moved on Armenia’s sovereign territory. We definitely want a peaceful solution to the situation, we are ready for peaceful negotiations, but we must be prepared for unfortunate developments and the protection of our sovereign territory.”

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