“AGINOR” | The new, modern Unconventional Warfare Vessel that will strengthen the Hellenic Navy
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Published on 14/10/2021 at 19:15

The Greek Shipyards are preparing to deliver the home-designed and special operations vessel named “Aginor” to the Hellenic Navy in the coming weeks, according to Janes agency.

The vessel, which is being built with the use of Navy funds, was launched on July 30 and is currently completing its naval trials. It is based on Navico designs and is V-shaped made of aluminum alloys.

The metal for its construction is a donation of ElvaHalkor to the Hellenic Navy. This vessel has a displacement of 22 tons, a total length of 17.60 m, a beam of 4.20 m, and a draft of 0.95 m, while it is powered by two 1,200 hp MAN V8 engines that provide a speed of 35 knots with a top speed exceeding 45 knots with a full load. Finally, its maximum payload is up to 4.5 tonnes.

“AGINOR” will join the Underwater Demolition Command of the Hellenic Navy, and belongs to the fleet of Unconventional Warfare Vessels.

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“Aginor” can carry out the following missions:

  • Insertion and Extraction of Special Operations Forces
  • Interdiction and Coastal Patrol
  • Search and Rescue 

The vessel will be carrying a remote-controlled system with a 12.7mm machine gun, while 7.62mm machine guns may be installed on its stern.

The stern also features the capability of carrying a transport boat for an 8-member special operations team with full protection during insertion and evacuation of the target area. 

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Miltech Hellas, for the purposes of the AGINOR program, delivered the MLT-SUR-100RTM electro-optical system, which is a sensor that optimizes awareness.

The possibility of installing SCYTALYS HELLAS systems on the vessel, in order for it to acquire network-based capabilities, as well as the future installation of a small missile launch system for greater firepower, are being considered.

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