Additional Measures by the Ministry of Defence in Cyprus to counter Coronavirus COVID-19

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Published on 16/03/2020 at 13:59

Important measures and decisions to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19 were taken by the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard in Cyprus with a view to adapting to the new measures announced by the President of the Republic.

The Ministry of Defence announced on Monday 16/3 that Officers, Non-Commisioned Officers, Professional Soldiers, Conscripts and Civilian personnel belonging to vulnerable population groups were instructed to remain at home.  Work on rotation basis for the personnel has been established in order for the Ministry and National Guard to cope with the operational and security needs. Those affected will be regularly informed by the supervisory administrations, it is added.

In its announcement, the Ministry notes that all the necessary arrangements have been made for the personnel of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the National Guard (GSNG) and where possible the personnel will work from home, as long as the work does not involve classified information, while the transfer of staff to and from the units will be at 50% of the capacity of the buses.

The decisions taken also extend the postponement of the presentations of the reservists  until 30 April. Depending on developments, as stated in the communication, there will be an update on the presentations scheduled beyond the 30th of April.

In addition, the mandatory reclassification in the National Guard of troops deferred for health reasons is postponed until 30 April 2020. A further announcement by the Ministry will follow for the military settlement of these troops.

Furthermore it is stressed that the Health Directorate of the GENERAL STAFF has drawn up an action plan setting out all actions to be taken in the event of a confirmed virus case within a military unit. Strict hygiene measures are implemented in all military areas in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Finally, the Ministry of Defence urges the public as it comes to the Provincial Military Offices for service only in the absolutely urgent cases and upon telephone consultation.  The Ministry appeals that everybody should demonstrate high a sense of responsibility, since strict discipline to all the measures announced is necessary in order to deal more effectively with the unprecedented crisis we are experiencing.



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